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Why this asthmatic loves riding her bike

February 5, 2015

Very inspirational!!

Gluten Free Froggie in the Kitchen

It may seem ironic that I love my bike (Amelia) and that I’m also asthmatic and have adrenal insufficiency. So, why do I ride my bike? There are several reasons.
First off, riding my bike is fun. Really. It is! The wind on your face, the thrill of cruising faster than you can on foot with less effort. Yes, it can be tiring, but it definitely is fun.


Second… It’s become part of who I am. I unfortunately am known by a lot of people as The Girl Who Is Allergic To Everything (even though I’m definitely not allergic to every thing)


…and The Girl Who Is Always Sick. I hate those labels. And biking makes them go away, at least for the time I’m riding my bike or wearing my helmet in a store.


People see me wearing my helmet when I’m going places and they see the bike and…

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