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A Vernon Howard Quote

April 28, 2015

“Cease to pretend that the nightmare is a beautiful dream and life
takes on a new meaning.”

Have an awe filled day!


A sunset view of Mount Rainier high above the Cooper River valley near Cle Elum, Washington. // Which do you like shooting more: sunrise or sunset? Photo by Moment team member: @zach_reed #makemoments #momenttele by moment_lens

April 24, 2015

Breaking the Silence by sysaworld

April 24, 2015

The Backyard Revolution

April 16, 2015

Liberty on Tap

With an ever encroaching government prying into our personal lives, mandating purchases for products we do not want, regulating, monitoring, and controlling nearly every aspect of our day to day living, maintaining, or even retaining, freedoms seems like a hopeless endeavor.


The system wraps its tentacles around everything good it seems and sucks the beauty right out of it. Decentralizing is one great way to break free. My family and I have made some changes in the last few years to create a more sustainable lifestyle and become less dependent on the system.

People living in the middle of the city are raising chickens and growing food. Edible landscapes are becoming popular and even urban bee keeping! Aquaponics and vertical gardening techniques allow for more food production in smaller spaces.

Diversity is the key to sustainability.

Since beginning our homesteading journey, I have met many people possessing all kinds of…

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